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We don’t just stock great Land Rovers. We stock vintage and one of a kind Land Rovers. When you buy from us, you will be purchasing a truly special vehicle.

The best way to find the perfect Land Rover for you is to visit our showroom. While you’re there, our experts will explain exactly why the newest addition to your collection of Land Rovers is such a special vehicle.

We’ll take you on a tour of 4x4 history, from the Defenders and Series Land Rovers that became culturally iconic all those years ago, to some of the newer models which our Land Rover specialists love. We also have some amazing artwork on display in our showroom, including a fantastic Peaky Blinders mural. No other showrooms are like ours. While you’re enjoying some of the best art in the Black Country, you can view some of the most creative modifications we’ve ever made to vehicles. If you see a Land Rover you like, but would like it to be customised to make it special for you, please just ask and we’ll complete any modifications that are needed to transform a great vehicle into your dream vehicle.

Not only do we have the perfect Land Rovers for all budgets, but we can create the perfect Land Rover for you. Just tell us what you need and we’ll find or build your dream vehicle with the impeccable service and timing for which we’ve become known. If we don’t have the Land Rover you would like in stock, we’ll find it for you from one of our elite suppliers.

We only choose the very best vehicles from across the UK. If a Land Rover isn’t absolutely top notch, we won’t ever sell it to you. We are happy to accept PX, if you have a truly special vehicle to exchange.

Vehicle Warranties

Many other warranty providers will only protect the very latest vehicles. To provide our customers with an even more convenient service, we have partnered with WarrantyWise to warranty our vehicles. Everyone at WarrantyWise appreciates classic Land Rovers just as much as we do. Their warranties give older vehicles the same level of protection that you would receive when buying a brand-new car. That way you can be assured that any 4x4 you purchase from us will always receive the highest levels of protection, no matter how many years it has spent roaring down roads. Please ask a member of our team for a WarrantyWise booklet for the full details of the coverage included in their warranties. We also offer our own bespoke warranties for customers whose unique vehicles require unique coverage.

You’ll be able to rely on every 4x4 you buy from us for many years to come. We take pride in our customer care. Your vehicle won’t leave our garage until you’re completely happy with every aspect of it.

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