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Vehicle Rebuilds & Upgrades

Far from just servicing your favourite Land Rovers, we also fully rebuild them. When we say rebuild, that’s exactly what we mean. We quite literally take your vehicle apart by hand using some of the latest technology. Our hugely talented engineers then craft a brand-new vehicle using our exclusive selection of parts to create your dream vehicle.

Land Rover SOS We also offer a unique Land Rover S.O.S service, which will take your unfinished project and transform it into a stunning finished Land Rover. Land Rover lovers across the UK often begin to build their dream vehicles but struggle to finish the project because they don’t have the time, or specialist equipment needed to create an extra-special Land Rover. Sometimes they can abandon the project in the middle of construction, leaving a semi-refurbished Land Rover sitting in their garage. Our team of experts can provide the emergency service required to continue your work and transform your Land Rover into the phenomenal vehicle that you always wanted to build and drive.

Many cars are made on assembly lines in factories around the world. Many of our customers want us to create a completely new vehicle, just for them. By contacting us, you will make sure that your vehicle is made right here in our Tipton garage. Before beginning work, we take you through the entire process and discuss what your dream 4x4 would look like. Our clients often design their own vehicles because they already know what their dream Land Rover would look, feel and drive like, before visiting our showroom. Then we make this dream into a reality, by building the perfect Land Rover for them from scratch. We travel around the world to source the best suppliers for the parts we use to create our clients’ vehicles. No matter what our clients’ budgets are, we always listen to exactly what they want and then find the perfect parts for them. Here are a few highlights of the rebuild process to give you a taste of what to expect.

The rebuild process begins by stripping a vehicle down to its bare chassis. Then we often replace the old chassis with a new galvanised chassis, bolts can be replaced with stainless steel ones and then we add fantastic galvanised bulkheads, if that’s what a particular client wants. Part by part, we then build the vehicle back up to create a totally customised Land Rover which the client who commissioned the build will never ever forget, and will enjoy driving for many years to come.

Many of our clients want to enjoy as relaxing a drive as possible, which allows them to admire the scenery they are driving through, without being distracted by unwelcome noise coming from their vehicles. They also want their passengers to be able to enjoy watching their favourite films and music without having their experiences damaged by unwelcome background noise. That’s why we often add the very latest soundproofing and sound dampening equipment to the Land Rovers, and in particular, the Defenders that we customise for our clients.

We are hugely proud that world-renowned vehicle soundproofing and sound dampening brands such as Dodo Mat and Dynamat trust us to incorporate their premium products into our rebuilds.

Land Rover rebuilds & upgrades A Land Rover Defender being rebilt in our workshop

The sky really is the limit when it comes to the modifications that can be added during a rebuild. One of our favourite parts of any rebuild is working on a vehicle’s engine. We can supply and fit brand-new engines or upgrade your current engine to take your Land Rover to another level. From TDI conversions to V8 conversions, we use the very latest technology to fit your vehicle with all the horsepower you could wish for. A perfect example of this is the 6.5L V8 diesel Hummer engine that we recently fitted into a Land Rover Defender Wolf. We can also recondition engines to make sure that they are performing at optimum levels, if you would like to give your trusted engine a new lease of life then contact us.

We create outstanding interiors as a part of every rebuild. Everything from fabrics to colours, entertainment systems, steering technology, dash cams and rear cams can be added to make a client’s driving experience as comfortable and personalised as possible.

Defender Cruise Control

We are hugely proud to offer the world’s first Land Rover Defender Cruise Control System to make long-haul journeys easier and more seamless than ever before. With easy-to-use controls, a pre-set speed choice from memory, and a Safety Maximum Speed Limit, Cruise Control gives you a safer, sleeker and more comfortable journey, whenever and wherever you drive your favourite Defender. We can fit this system to any vehicle, usually within a day - you can even enjoy the benefits of this cruise control system while off-roading.

However you like to drive, whether on or off-road, we will build your Land Rover to your exact specifications. Whether you need to turn safely around hillsides or turn smoothly through muddy fields, we’ll create a Land Rover that makes your journey as stylish, comfortable and reliable as possible. Our exterior customisations don’t stop there. From your 4x4’s paint, to its wheels, tyres and rims, we can help you to make sure that your Land Rover stands out from the crowd. We often also add those special extra touches that allow people to commemorate special life moments, such as birthdays or anniversaries on different parts of their vehicle.

If you love Land Rovers as much as we do, let’s have a chat about how to make yours extra special!

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