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We can offer every vehicle modification you ever imagined. We also create brand-new modification concepts, to make the impossible possible, and wow our clients every single day. An example of one of these modifications is the Land Rover Defender cruise control system which we are developing exclusively alongside one of the region’s most important vehicle technology companies. Thanks to the innovative technology at the heart of this new system, and our 20 years of experience in cruise control fitment, you won’t have to worry any more about those painful foot aches and leg cramps when taking your Defender on long journeys. Our cruise control system remembers your preferred driving speeds in different conditions, so that you can sit-back and use its easy-to-use controls to select the perfect speed for your journey. Our cruise control system will never exceed its Safety Maximum Speed Limit, so it will always get you from A to B in absolute safety and comfort.

Some of our other specialist modifications include:

Suspension Upgrades

Our suspension upgrades ensure that when you’re on road, you’re always driving on solid ground. When you’re off-roading, our suspension upgrades are designed to make sure that you enjoy the thrill of every turn, while offering you super-premium comfort and safety. When driving your Land Rover, the last thing you want is for the feeling of rolling around your favourite routes to be ruined by unwanted shocks and jolts. Our upgrades can not only make these inconveniences go away, but can also tailor your suspension to your preferred style of driving. If you want to love every minute you spend at the wheel, you’ll want one of these upgrades.

Engine Upgrades

Your engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. You want everyone around you to hear your Land Rover arriving when you park it. You also want to drive safely and smoothly at all times. Our upgrades ensure that your engine suits your vehicle and driving style perfectly. We can even put your favourite engine from another vehicle into your Land Rover. For example, we recently fitted a 6.5L V8 diesel Hummer engine into a client’s prized Land Rover Defender Wolf, to give it an extra roar.

As well as creatively customising any Land Rover, we also offer quality general maintenance services, to make sure that your vehicle always performs excellently.

Land Rover engine and suspension upgrades

Some of our general maintenance services include:


We’ll make sure that your vehicle looks fantastic and drives smoothly by using the perfect welding techniques for your car.

The extra attention to detail that we put into every aspect of every welding process will ensure that every part of your Land Rover is safe, secure, and works in perfect harmony with the rest of the vehicle.

Oil Changes

We are happy to advise on the best oil for your engine and budget. All of the oils that we sell are best-in-class. Whatever your vehicle needs; our oils will make sure that it’s firing on all cylinders whenever you drive it.

Full Service Maintenance & Repairs

Whether the whole of your Land Rover needs a makeover, or you only want to have a single part of the vehicle serviced, our experienced team offer every aspect of general vehicle servicing and maintenance to the highest possible standards. Whichever part of your Land Rover needs looking at; we’ll fix it for you.

Full Vehicle Inspection

Our experts will make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition and are happy to advise on any improvements that would give you a safer or more comfortable drive.

Our inspections are known across the region for being among the most meticulous available. We inspect every aspect of your Land Rover from top-to-bottom, even taking the car apart and putting it back together again to ensure that every part of your Land Rover is in perfect condition. We then issue vehicle owners with a full report which details the performance of every aspect of their vehicle and identifies any current or potential safety issues that need addressing.

We also offer specialist maintenance services such as:

Land Rover weatherproofing, undersealing, dinitrol rust proofing


You want your car to drive amazingly in all weather conditions. That’s why our weatherproofing process can take up to 3 days to complete. We offer various levels of weatherproofing depending on your exact requirements. The preparation we put into weatherproofing really sets these services apart from those of our competitors. We meticulously prepare your entire vehicle for the weatherproofing process before even beginning to carry out this service. Taking that bit longer and going that extra mile for our clients allows us to make sure that every inch of your Land Rover is protected against rain, sleet, snow, shine and anything else that the elements might throw at it. Please visit our showroom to discover the plethora of added protections that our meticulous approach to weatherproofing provides for your vehicle.

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